Scalable Audio Distribution HUB system for Audio Amplification over CAT5/6 cabling

The AmpLINC HUB is an analog distribution system.The AmpLINC HUB provides both power and audio signal to the AmpLINC amplifier puck over standard Category cabling allowing for scalable audio in any application. Daisy-chain architecture allows multiple AmpLINC amplifier pucks on a single CAT5/6 run. Level control can be preset prior to amplification.

  • Small compact design allows for installation almost anywhere for a simple cost effective distributed audio solution.
  • Clean full-range dynamic power.
  • Signal Sense Technology for Energy Star Compliance.
  • AmpLINC HUB provides one audio input (standard RCA left and right channel or 3.5mm stereo mini jack)
  • Optional inline 90 watt power supply allows up to 8 AmpLINC PUCs at 10 watts each.
  • 4 RJ45-type AmpLINC Ports for connectivity to AmpLINC PUCs over Standard CAT5/6 cabling.
  • Pre-set Audio Level POT for setting audio level (pre-amp or variable audio needed for remote volume control).