Scalable remote speaker amplification device over CAT5/6 cable

The AmpLINC Amp10 PUC is an efficient remote amplifier device that connects to any 8 or 4 ohm speaker over CAT5/6 cabling to enable that speaker to be amplified at the speaker. The Amp 10 can be tapped from 10 watts down to 0.3 watts and daisy chained to scale from 1 to 60 per application. The Amp 10 can be set up as a right, left or mono channel speaker via dip switches on the Amp 10. The Amp 10 PUC receives both power and audio signal over standard Category cabling from the AmpLINC HUB.

  • No need to provide or install an Amplifier in the system.
  • Small light weight compact design installs easily onto any non-powered speaker providing (+ and -) type connection to the speaker.
  • Efficient Class D microamplifier inside every AmpLINC provides surprising audio level for each speaker.
  • Convenient dip switch selection for audio channel selection and for maximum wattage output.
  • Combine any number of speakers in a room to provide for the best distribution of audio to the audience.
  • Standard power supply on AmpLINC HUB can power up to 6 AmpLINC PUCs at 10 watts each or additional PUCs tapped down to 5 watts or less.