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Scalable Audio Distribution HUB system for Audio Amplification over CAT5/6 cabling


Scalable remote speaker amplification device over CAT5/6 cable

Rack Mount Kits

Rack Mount kits available for the PixiePlus (PXE-DCM+), PixiePro (PX2-MP-IR) and Large or Small Chassis SmartPanels (SP2-CHAS/SP2-SMCHAS).

Secure Wall Mount Plate

The SP-TP7-WMPRO Secure Wall ProMount allows mounting directly to a flat surface, mud-ring (PX2-MUDRING) or back box and securely lock the SP-TP7 in place.

Acrylic Enclosures

Acrylic Surface-Mounts for the Pixie, PixiePro, SmartPanel and SP3-TCM+.


An elegant, single-gang 8-button display control device for virtually any projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Provides both IR and RS-232 control.

Secure Angled Tabletop Stand

The SP-TP7-DSKTP angled tabletop/desktop stand provides an elegant mount with a 45-degree angled view of the SP-TP7 control interface. Attractive and removable side panels provide ventilation.

SP-TP7 Touch Panel

The new SP Controls 7 inch Touchscreen controller provides a simple, affordable and easy to configure solution for presentation systems control. Using a bright, capacitive color display the unit responds instantly with the touch of a finger.

Mud-ring for TP7 and PixiePro

The PX2-MUDRING is a 4-gang mud-ring which accommodates either the SP-TP7 touch panel and the PixiePro (PX2-MP-IR) button panel.

Networked Room Controller

The NRC is a configurable, low-profile, low-cost, programming-free control system that provides RS-232, IR and Relay control. Compatible with the SP-TP7 touch panel and the PixiePro (PX2-MP-IR) button panel.

6V Power Supply for Pixie

Replacement 6V U.S. power supply for PXE-DCM+ and PX2-MP. (One is included in original purchase of either product.)

Pixie Accessories

Accessories for the Pixie Display Control Module