PowerCore™ DPA-220 Series Amplifiers

PoE Dante Embedded Platform (DEP)

Elevate Every Sound Experience

The PowerCore DPA-220 amplifier with Dante Embedded Platform (DEP) technology sets a new standard for performance, size, durability and features – from one of the industry’s most trusted brands.

PowerCore amplifiers are POE rated devices that require no external power supply, allowing you to put a rugged, compact audio amplifier anywhere there is an available Ethernet drop.*

* Connection for an external 18VDC – 48VDC power supply is provided if non-PoE operation is preferred or if redundancy is required.

PowerCore™ DPA-220 Amplifier Series

Versatile. Rugged. Smart.

This rugged and compact Dante™ enabled PoE high-performance audio amplifier delivers up to 20W into a pair of 4-8Ω speakers or 40W into a single 4-8Ω speaker.

Stepping up to the DPA-220+ provides Digital Signal Processing (DSP) features for the audio path including volume control, equalization, mixing, limiting, compression, and other advanced processing algorithms.

The DPA-220+ also integrates speaker health monitoring which tracks and reports the voltage and current delivered to the attached loads in real-time.

Simple Setup and Control

The PowerCore DPA-220 is playback-ready out-of-the-box in a simple audio pass-through mode. An integrated web server allows the system integrator to set the gain during installation.

For the DPA-220+, advanced control and configuration is accomplished via its local web interface or by leveraging Stewart Audio’s Remote Communication Interface (SARCI) API as part of a custom integration.

Sound for Every Space

The PowerCore DPA-220 Series is engineered from the ground up to deliver spectacular sound to a wide variety of environments from conference rooms to coffee shops.

The DPA-220 bridges the gap between convenience and outstanding audio performance, making it an essential component for any location where sound matters.

Key Features

Sound for Every Space

PowerCore Models DPA-220 and DPA-220+

Take your pick.

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